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Hot/Cool Stone Therapy!

What Is Hot/Cool Stone Therapy?

The stone massage is a form of alternative medicine massage therapy and bodywork involving the placement of a number of either heated or cooled stones to the body for the purpose of pain relief, relaxation and therapy.  There are a manifold of variations and techniques used in the application of stone massage therapy, deriving from a variety of traditional practices.  Stone massages are primarily used to alleviate physical pain issues, however; are also used to promote emotional and spiritual wellbeing in practice.


Ancient Stone Therapy

This unique therapy using stones that are formed from Volcanic (warm) and Sedimentary (cool) action is an extremely effective modality, due to the stones thermal and constrictive effects bringing about both local and systematic changes in the body, yet also influencing the energy centers and channels, achieving mind and body balancing and transformation on many levels.

For thousands of years, Healers from every corner of the globe have incorporated stones into their practices in one form or another as exampled by the Chinese culture over 2,000 years ago using the Bian stone as a form of healing tool.


Rock Forming Materials

The most common minerals of igneous and metamorphic rock can be identified by paying close attention to their physical properties.

BASALT:  is a dark heavy lava (origin volcanic) that is widespread the world over; it is mainly pyroxene and a plagioclase feldspar, the texture is so fine that these individual minerals are rarely seen; basalt varies from gray with a greenish tinge to varied ranges of black (it's primary use is warm therapy).

SEDIMENTARY:  origin ocean, river, lakes, Formation:  plant life, coral reefs, lime stone in composition (it's primary use is cold therapy).


Why Have A Hot/Cool Stone Therapy Session?

  • The powerful "metasthetic" energies of Stone Massage are known to promote a harmonizing and cleansing effect, thus allowing for a meditative state of quietude and calm
  • The application of hands in conjunction with stones produces intensified contact with the unique energies of the stones and the universal energy assisting with the energy flow within and directing the vital flow to areas of blockage, releasing, balancing, restoring harmony.
  • This unique therapy using stones that are formed by sedimentary and volcanic action, is a very effective modality, including the warm stone's thermal conduction effect which bring about local and systematic changes in the body.


The information on this page for Hot/Cool Stone Therapy came from "The Original Stones (Stone Massage - Education Manual - Level II).

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